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A novel concept for increasing the peak sensitivity of LIGO by detuning the arm cavities

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We introduce a concept that uses detuned arm cavities to increase the shot-noise-limited sensitivity of LIGO without increasing the light power inside the arm cavities. Numerical simulations show an increased sensitivity between 125 and 400 Hz, with a maximal improvement of about 80% around 225 Hz, while the sensitivity above 400 Hz is decreased. Furthermore, our concept is found to give a sensitivity similar to that of a conventional RSE configuration with a signal-recycling mirror of moderate reflectivity. In the near future detuned arm cavities might be a beneficial alternative to RSE, due to the potentially less hardware-intensive implementation of the proposed concept.
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- Author(s): S. Hild; A. Freise
- Document date: 2007-10-24
- Document received date: 2008-09-25
- Document entry date: 2008-09-25
- Citation reference: Class. Quantum Grav. 24 (2007) 5453 - 5460 doi:10.1088/0264-9381/24/22/010

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- Author(s): A. Freise; S. Hild
- Document date: 2007-05-29
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Published in Class Quant Grav vol. 24 pg. 5453-5460.

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