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\mathcal{F} -statistic search for white-dwarf binaries in the first Mock LISA Data Challenge

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The \mathcal{F} -statistic is an optimal detection statistic for continuous gravitational waves, i.e., long-duration (quasi-)monochromatic signals with slowly-varying intrinsic frequency. This method was originally developed in the context of ground-based detectors, but it is equally applicable to LISA where many signals fall into this class of signals. We report on the application of a LIGO/GEO \mathcal{F} -statistic code to LISA data-analysis using the long-wavelength limit (LWL), and we present results of our search for white-dwarf binary signals in the first Mock LISA Data Challenge. Somewhat surprisingly, the LWL is found to be sufficient—even at high frequencies—for detection of signals and their accurate localization on the sky and in frequency, while a more accurate modelling of the TDI response only seems necessary to correctly estimate the four amplitude parameters.
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- Author(s): R. Prix; John T. Whelan
- Document date: 2007-04-10
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Published in Class Quant Grav vol. 24 pg. S565-S574.

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