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Subsystem-Level and System-Level Testing Requirements

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10 Sep 2014, 10:53
Subsystem-Level and System-Level Testing Requirements
testing requirements
Notes and Changes:
  • Wrote the empty (missing) Section 5.3, "System Level Testing". This is a list of links to the system-level integrated test plans.
  • Deleted Section 5.4 because the Acceptance Review Process is defined in M1300468 and is beyond the scope of this document.
  • Deleted Section 5.5, Handoff to Operations, because this is beyond the scope of this document. The Project Closeout and handoff to Operations is also covered in M1300468. See also M1300042, “Project Transition to Operations Plan (PTOP) for Advanced LIGO”.
  • in section 4a: "...the following exceptions are permissible: those functions which require integration into the system to demonstrate, e.g. offloading from one system to another;..." Added "if it is too burdensome to simulate the other system(s)."
  • Section 3.2, SVN: Changed to indicate that each subsystem has its own SVN with subsystem provided code for generating control laws and filters (not infrastructure or core software).
  • Section 3.2, SVN: Changed Table 2, SVN Organization to be consistent with the extant SEI SVN
  • Decided not to state that all subsystem test plans/procedures and test reports are reviewed & approved by Systems Engineering. The subsystem experts approve their own test plans/procedures. The test reports are approved by Systems but as part of the Fabrication Acceptance Review process defined in M1300468.>/li>

  • Decided to retain the distinction between "device/component" and "module/unit" in section 4. I think it is clear what is meant and we do have some (albeit limited) device/component data.

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