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Next generation Integrated package for Gravitational Wave Simulation

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In the High Energy Physics community, there is a simulation package GEANT4, (following quote from Wiki) “which includes facilities for handling geometry, tracking, detector response, run management, visualization and user interface. For many physics simulations, this means less time needs to be spent on the low level details, and researchers can start immediately on the more important aspects of the simulation.” Last year, late-Stavros proposed to start developing simulation package of the similar quality for the gravitational wave science.

Now is a good time to start this kind of package to get ready for O4, O5 and beyond, and for the Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer. There are some simulation tools for a limited purpose, like FINESSE for field calculations, but we need integrations of various elements, seismic motions and isolation, fields and optics and control systems. We have observed many unknown noises and the package needs to be prepared so that the integration is flexible enough to simulate many interesting possibilities.

This is a talk to call for to start a collaboration to develop this kind of package so that more scientists can utilize the simulation to study what they are interested in, without much bothering how to use the tool.

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