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Suspension Control with Thoughts on Modern Control

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Modern control provides a useful set of tools to add to our toolbox of controls techniques. Like all tools, they apply to some problems, but not all them.

This presentation considers when modern control is useful for suspensions. Modal damping is used as an example.

Talking points are included in the comments of the powerpoint file.

Additional material is included in the back up slides including:

1. A list of concerns I often hear about modern control, and my responses to those concerns.

2. New results on the so called 'generalized cost function' or 'automated control design' method (not sure it has a name yet).

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* Updated the responses to concerns often heard on modern control.

* Added a backup slide showing modal damping's better noise performance compared to typical design.

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GWADW 2015 held on 17 May 2015 in Girdwood, Alaska

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