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Low Vibration Cryogenics for LIGO Voyager

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Thoughts on how to build a cryogenic system within LIGO's vacuum enclosure, for a LIGO III interferometer. This presentation introduces new ideas regarding how the heat is integrated into the seismic isolation system and vacuum enclosure. These include:

* An actively controlled heat shield suspended from stage 0, rather than stage 2. It is controlled to follow stage 2 for its seismic isolation.

* The lower (and cold) quad structure is integrated into the heat shield, thus it too is suspended rather than rigidly connected to the (warm) upper structure.

* The beam tube shield (the snout) is mounted to or suspended directly from the beam tube, rather than connected to the heat shield.

The powerpoint version includes the talking points in the notes for each slide, so you can read more or less what was said.

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