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Exploring the Universe with Gravitational Waves

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I present a review of the potential of gravitational wave observations from ground-based detectors for exploring high energy astrophysical sources such as compact binary mergers, core-collapse supernovae, magnetar flares, pulsars, and the early universe. I will review the status of the emerging global network of advanced ground-based detectors (LIGO-Livingston, LIGO-Hanford, Virgo-Italy, KAGRA-Japan, GEO 600-Germany, and LIGO-India) and prospects for near-simultaneous observations of high energy transient events such as GRBs and core-collapse supernovae using both gravitational waves and electromagnetic and neutrino telescopes.

Alan Weinstein for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration.
Talk presented at the Lepton-Photon Conference in San Francisco, 24-29 June 2013;

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