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Testing Advanced LIGO length sensing and control scheme at the Caltech 40m interferometer

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The current design of the Advanced LIGO length sensing scheme for
controlling all 5 degrees of freedom of a dual recycled Fabry-Perot
Michelson interferometer has undergone major revisions over the last
several years, due largely to lessons learned at the Caltech 40 Meter
prototype Interferometer. The original scheme, lessons learned, and
revised scheme will be described. It is essential to develop and test
the control scheme well in advance of the completion of Advanced LIGO
construction, in order to minimize commissioning time and be confident
that the design will work as planned. The 40 meter interferometer is
being upgraded in order to implement and test this new Advanced LIGO
length sensing scheme. We also plan to test advanced lock acquisition
schemes such as the 3rd harmonics demodulation and the pre-locking of
the arm cavities with green lasers. In this talk, we will present the
plans and current status of this upgrade effort.
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