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The Status of GEO600

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The British-German gravitational-wave detector GEO600 is about to conclude a
long observational period, which started in November 2007.
To assure a possible detection coverage for astrophysical events
like supernovae or GRB-related events, we decided to keep
GEO600 operational during the time when the LIGO and Virgo detectors
are being upgraded. With the beginning of the next observational period
of LIGO and Virgo, the GEO600 detector will see the implementation of upgrades
likewise, within the program called GEO-HF.
Within this program, we will try to improve the sensitivity
of the detector by a number of sequencial upgrades,
comprising topics like injection of squeezed vacuum,
tuned signal recycling, DC readout,
output mode-cleaning, and the increase of the circulating light power.
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