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DCN - Updated OMCS Part and Assembly Drawings

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E - Engineering documents
This is a DCN for updated part and assembly drawings of the Output Mode Cleaner Suspension.
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D0900295-v3: Incorporates new designs for Lower Wire Assembly, Metal Bench Assembly, Earthquake Stop Assembly, and Bracket and Preamp Assembly. Includes as-built versions of some parts reworked during assembly.
D0900295-v4: Replaced washers holding Coil Holder Assembly to structure with Nitronic 60 washers.
D0900655-v3: Added missing helicoils to model.
D1201212-v2: Replaced Upper Mass (D060502), Lower Wire (D060537), and Metal Bench (D070035) with latest versions.
D060502-v3: Changed screw lengths to match as-built configurations.
D060502-v4: Added Add-on Masses.
D060491-v2: 1/4-20 holes on centerline to be drilled and tapped further.
D060537-v4: Changed wire diameter from 0.008" to 0.0079" to reflect as-built configuration.
D070035-v4: Changed number and arrangement of additional masses to be close to that of the glass bench.
D070145-v3: Corrected blade stop from 1/4-20 to #8-32. Added missing helicoils to Blade Guard Risers.
D070250-v4: Removed holes for incorrect length Lower Wire and corrected 1/4-20 holes to #8-32.
D1300367-v1: Created assembly drawing for OMCS Transport Handle from previously designed parts.
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