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The remote access controls chassis connects the corner with the end stations by extending the corner EtherCAT network. This allows safety terminals to span multiple buildings. It also allows for direct data exchange and timing synchronization between the corner and end station EtherCAT networks. This chassis is located in the end station near the slow controls computer. It contains an EtherCAT terminal assembly from both the corner and the end station networks. The following features are implemented on the end station network:

- 1 memory terminal for persistent computer-independent storage
- 1 EtherCAT junction supporting the multi-mode fiber run to the controls rack location
- Multiple serial ports to support local devices

on the corner station extension:

- 1 EtherCAT bridge to the end station slow controls network
- Multiple serial ports to read the timing fanouts, GPS clocks, weather stations, etc.

and on the corner station safety extension:

- 4 safety input switches and 4 safety output relays

Serial ports can be located on either network.

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