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aLIGO BSC-ISI, General Assembly Procedure

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This document describes the assembly procedure for the Advanced LIGO version of the BSC-ISI (After 2009-2010 redesign).

For helicoils and dowel pins insertion, refer to:
LIGO-E1000402: aLIGO BSC-ISI, Parts Preparation Matrix for Helicoils and Dowel Pins

For Pods sub-assembly, refer to:
LIGO-E1000512: aLIGO BSC-ISI, Pods Assembly Procedures

For Actuators sub-assembly, refer to:
LIGO-E1000578: aLIGO BSC-ISI, Actuators Assembly procedures

For Position Sensors sub-assembly, refer to:
LIGO-E1100028: aLIGO BSC-ISI, Position Sensors Assembly

For Lockers sub-assembly, refer to:
LIGO-E1000615: aLIGO BSC ISI, Lockers Assembly Procedure

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Note added for torquing Large Plates

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