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Advanced LIGO Quadruple Suspension

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Advanced LIGO Quadruple Suspension, top level assembly model.

Caltech now has a CD with all the models and drawings of the QUAD ETM/ITM production parts. This is currentrly being held by systems. Systems plan to get all of the pdf's to the DCC and work with a company to translate all of the files from PRO-E to SolidWorks.

The list below has the drafting changes required. This includes some general instructions, e.g. to check that all GAs have all their BOM balloons present and attached correctly etc, and also some more specific instructions about extra drawing views/sheets required, simplified reps for test/reaction chain configuration, etc. Joe O'Dell

It should also be noted that as communicated by Joe O'Dell on the 9th of September that this set does not inlcude the tooling.

"I have supplied all of the piece part drawings for the production parts. The tooling drawings have not yet been supplied. I could supply these, but some would have to be replaced. I am currently working on the tooling drawings, and the assembly picture book drawings, so that I can hand over good quality drawings as part of the final documentation. Regards Joe O'Dell"

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Added new drawing callouts and naming convention.

NOTE - On the vault D0901346 is actually a RAL number TD-1084-090_ASM

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