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Mark Hannam of Cardiff University is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G2200203-v2 An Issue with PE Results Using Bilby and TD Approximants (and Resolution) Mark Hannam et al. Compact Binaries
Data Analysis
15 Feb 2022
G1700908-v9 Parameter fitting animation Mark Hannam et al. Data analysis software
Education, Outreach
26 Jun 2020
T1500602-v4 PhenomPv2 -- technical notes for the LAL implementation Alejandro Bohe et al. Modelling
Compact Binaries
26 Oct 2019
G1700815-v2 Frequency Domain Binary Black Hole Gravitational Waveforms with Higher Multipoles Francesco Pannarale et al. Modelling
Compact Binaries
15 Jul 2017
T1600018-v4 Phenomenological fit of the peak luminosity from non-precessing binary-black-hole coalescences David Keitel et al. Compact Binaries
23 May 2016
T070072-v2 Data formats for numerical relativity Sascha Husa et al. Data Analysis
24 Feb 2011

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