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Maggie Tse of LIGO - Massachusetts Institute of Technology is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D1201210-v16 aLIGO SQZ: SQZT0 optical layout Lisa Barsotti et al. Squeezer
Final Design
19 Mar 2024
G1300394-v24 LSC Logo Slide Marco Cavaglia et al. Public Talk / Colloquium
11 Dec 2022
E1500359-v1 aLIGO, SQZ Lisa Barsotti et al. Squeezer
17 Mar 2022
E1500358-v2 aLIGO, SQZ, Preliminary Design Documents Lisa Barsotti et al. Squeezer
Preliminary Design
03 Nov 2020
D1500297-v8 SQZ in-air optics table Lisa Barsotti et al. Basic R&D
30 Aug 2018
E1500361-x0 aLIGO, SQZ, VOPO Lisa Barsotti et al. Squeezer
Preliminary Design
17 Apr 2017
E1200784-v3 TwinCAT Library for the Advanced LIGO timing system Maggie Tse et al. State Control and Monitoring
09 Mar 2017
T1300690-v1 TwinCAT EPICS IOC Documentation Maggie Tse Commissioning
Sensing and Control
23 Oct 2015
G1200969-v1 Update on PEM-related activities: September 2012 Robert Schofield et al. Meeting
11 Sep 2012
T1200424-v1 Setting up the Physical Environment Monitoring System for Advanced LIGO Maggie Tse Commissioning
29 Aug 2012
T1100579-v1 EPICS database generator for TwinCAT Maggie Tse et al. Data Acquisition System
12 Nov 2011

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