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Testing Mass Distribution Estimation of Binary Black Hole Mergers with GWTC-3

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With ~70 binary black hole merger (BBHs) events detected by the LIGO -Virgo Collaboration, it is possible to infer the overall character of the black hole population in the universe. Specifically, the mass distribution of BBHs provides us with valuable information on stellar evolution and binary formation channel. We here aim to test the current estimation of BBHs population mass distribution based on the third Gravitational-wave Transient Catalog (GWTC-3). The project involves: (1) Examine agreement between the observed data and the fitted mode by conducting goodness-of-fit tests; (2) identifying outliers and examining the impact of non-conventional events with leave-one tests on population parameter estimation; (3) adjusting model to better characterize astrophysical phenomena and describe observed result; (4) compare different theoretical models that may describe the BBHs distribution by fitting observed data to multiple models.
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