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L-4C huddle test at the AEI Hannover

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At the AEI-10m Prototype in Hannover, Germany, the sensor noise of several L-22D and L-4C geophones (from Sercel) was measured in a huddle test. New amplifier electronics were employed in order to drastically reduce electronic noise below 1 Hz. With some minor modifications to our new front-end electronics, we were able to achieve sensor noise limited only by Johnson-noise of the sensing coil and the (white) input voltage noise of the first-stage amplifier, an OPA188. Each of these noise sources contributes approximately equally. The sensitivity improvement from L-22Ds with our initial electronics to L-4Cs with new and refined electronics was more than a factor of 10 at 1 Hz and more than a factor of 100 at 0.1 Hz and below.
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