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Improving the stochastic template bank algorithm used for detection of compact binary systems by Advanced LIGO

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T - Technical notes
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Within the next few years, LIGO anticipates between tens and hundreds of gravitational wave (GW) detections. This increase in signal events will inevitably require a more efficient form of analysis. Extending the current method of providing template simulations for analysis with a more intelligent coverage of the parameter space might avoid excessive delays and computational costs in analysis. The Metropolis-Hastings algorithm generates intelligent proposal templates to increase the likelyhood of placement in the bank of templates. Exploiting the benefits of parallel computing on powerful multi-core machines offers the potential for dramatic improvements in runtime at no cost of coverage. Thus, current functions contained in the inspiral libraries will be re-factored in the interest of having a parallelized stochastic template bank generation before the start of Advanced LIGO's first observation run.

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