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Tracking Spectral Noise Lines in Advanced LIGO Data

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T - Technical notes
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The Advanced LIGO detectors are expected to make gravitational wave observations possible within the next few years. However, sharp spectral noise lines continue to obscure the data, and it is unknown if or how these lines wander over time. Therefore, we are developing a method that will track the frequencies of the various noise sources which appear in our data. Using Python for scripting, we utilize various signal processing techniques to extract information about the frequencies present in our time series. We then heterodyne to examine how a given spectral line wanders in frequency over time. Preliminary results using data from Advanced LIGO's Engineering Run 7 are included. In the future, this method will be automated to constantly examine new data in quasi-real time, providing beneficial insight for improving the quality of the data and the sensitivity to gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars and other astrophysical sources.
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