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Characterising Behavior of LIGO Subsystems through Noise in the Seismic Environment

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ALIGO's seismic isolation system aims to attenuate seismic noise that affects the sensitivity for gravitational wave detections. This system needs to be tested and to have each of the installed systems characterized in such a way that problems can be quickly found. By tracking coincident non-Gaussian transients (glitches) through the subsystem's chambers, various statistical analysis including coincident glitch rates and average signal to noise ratios can be compared to determine which chambers are glitching most and which are not successfully attenuating noise. Problematic areas can also be found by finding which chambers are creating glitches most often and how these glitches propagate through the system. This information can be then used to localize problems for aLIGO's commissioners at the detectors in order to aid in their mitigation.
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