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Developing a Low Noise Seismometer in the Frequency Range of 0.3-20Hz

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When measuring for gravitational waves, detectors pick up gravitational disturbances from
local sources (Newtonian noise). This causes a problem. Measurements are polluted with this
Newtonian noise, making it necessary to subtract it in order to view data accurately. To study
this noise for formulating methods of its subtraction, seismic stations have been set up at the
former Homestake mine in Lead, South Dakota. While there are currently no problems with the
seismometers set up at these stations, it has been predicted that in the future seismometers with
higher sensitivity in the Range of 10-30Hz will be required. In order to obtain a seismometer
with this sensitivity, the SS-1 Ranger has been reverse engineered. Looking at its parts and
modeling the seismometer on AutoCAD, it is being determined what parts of seismometers that
are of similar design to the Ranger may be modified to obtain less mechanical and electronic
noise, which will lead to higher sensitivity.
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