LIGO Document T1000682-v6

Technical Note for the aLIGO TCS Hartmann Sensor Camera and Sources

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T - Technical notes
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The document contains technical descriptions of required transmission power for the Hartmann Sensor camera and possible light sources for the aLIGO implementation.
This is validation for the choice of camera model and make.

H1Y/L1Y, H2X: Alignment: 543nm, 2mW
Measurement: QSDM-840-5 (p-pol): 5mW @ 833nm

H1X/L1X, H2Y: Alignment: 543 nm, 2mW
Measurement: QSDM-790-10 (s-pol): 10mW @ 800nm

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- updated this document to include the most recent measured coatings and nominal coating designs.
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