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LIGO and the Detection of Gravitational Waves

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Large detectors on opposite sides of the country are about to start monitoring the cosmos for the gravitational waves that general relativity tells us should be emanating from catastrophic astrophysical events.
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- Full document number: LIGO-P990039-00-R
- Author(s): Barry Barish; Rai Weiss
- Document date: 1999-10-01
- Document received date: 2000-08-15
- Document entry date: 2000-08-15
- Publcation info: Phys. Today, 52, 44-50 (1999)
- Publication author(s): Barish, B. and Weiss, R.
- Citation reference: Physics Today, October 1999
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Published in Phys Today vol. 52 pg. 44-50.

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