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GWTC-2 Data Release: Sensitivity of Matched Filter Searches to Binary Black Hole Merger Populations

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27 Oct 2020, 17:02
We provide the result of a simulation campaign performed by the GstLAL and PyCBC matched filter searches, as reported in GWTC-2. We generate simulated BBH mergers drawn randomly from a population similar to the BBH population inferred from GWTC-2, inject them into the GWTC-2 data stream, and search for them with the GstLAL and PyCBC search pipelines. For each simulated merger found by the pipelines, we report the physical parameters and each pipeline's estimated false alarm rate for the recovered trigger. These results are collected in the hdf5 file provided. These data permit estimation of the sensitivity of the O3a searches to arbitrary BBH populations.

We also provide a Jupyter notebook documenting the data product and demonstrating estimation of the expected number of detected signals given an assumed astrophysical binary black hole population distribution.

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March 2022 : Explanatory text of tutorial notebook improved and extended.

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