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First all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from unknown sources in binary systems

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We present the first results of an all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from unknown spinning neutron stars in binary systems using LIGO and Virgo data. Using a specially developed analysis program, the TwoSpect algorithm, the search was carried out on data from the sixth LIGO Science Run and the second and third Virgo Science Runs. The search covers a range of frequencies from 20~Hz to 520~Hz, a range of orbital periods from 2 to \( \sim \)2,254~h and a frequency- and period-dependent range of frequency modulation depths from 0.277 to 100~mHz. This corresponds to a range of projected semi-major axes of the orbit from \( \sim \)\( 0.6\times10^{-3} \)~ls to \( \sim \)6,500~ls assuming the orbit of the binary is circular. While no plausible candidate gravitational wave events survive the pipeline, upper limits are set on the analyzed data. The most sensitive 95\% confidence upper limit obtained on gravitational wave strain is \( 2.3\times10^{-24} \) at 217~Hz, assuming the source waves are circularly polarized. In addition, upper limits are placed on continuous gravitational wave emission from the low-mass x-ray binary Scorpius X-1 between 20~Hz and 57.25~Hz.
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