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Diagonalization of the length sensing matrix of a dual recycled laser interferometer gravitational wave antenna

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Next generation gravitational wave antennas employ resonant sideband extraction (RSE) interferometers with Fabry-Perot cavities in the arms as an optical configuration. In order to realize stable, robust control of the detector system, it is a key issue to extract appropriate control signals for longitudinal degrees of freedom of the complex coupled-cavity system. In this paper, a novel length sensing and control scheme is proposed for the tuned RSE interferometer that is both simple and efficient. The sensing matrix can be well diagonalized, owing to a simple allocation of two rf modulations and to a macroscopic displacement of the cavity mirrors, which cause a detuning of the rf modulation sidebands.
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- Full document number: LIGO-P070152-00-Z
- Author(s): Shuichi Sato; Seiji Kawamura; Keiko Kokeyama; Fumiko Kawazoe; Kentaro Somiya
- Document date: 2007-03-22
- Document received date: 2008-01-24
- Document entry date: 2008-01-24
- Citation reference: Physics Review D, 75 (2007) 082004
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Published in Phys Rev D vol. 75 pg. 082004 (9pp).

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