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The experimental plan of displacement- and frequency-noise free laser interferometer

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We present the partial demonstration of displacement- and laser-noise free interferometer (DFI) and the next experimental plan to examine the complete configuration. A part of the full implementation of DFI has been demonstrated to confirm the cancellation of beamsplitter displacements. The displacements were suppressed by about two orders of magnitude. The aim of the next experiment is to operate the system and to confirm the cancellation of all displacement noises, while the gravitational wave (GW) signals survive. The optical displacements will be simulated by electro-optic modulators (EOM). To simulate the GW contribution to laser lights, we will use multiple EOMs.
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- Author(s): Keiko Kokeyama; Shuichi Sato; Atsushi Nishizawa; Seiji Kawamura; Yanbei Chen; Robert Ward; Archana Pai; Kentaro Somiya; Akio Sugamoto
- Document date: 2007-10-24
- Document received date: 2007-10-24
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