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Quantum noise in differential-type gravitational-wave interferometer and signal recycling

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In the sensitivity of laser interferometer gravitational-wave detectors, there exists the standard quantum limit (SQL), derived from Heisenberg's uncertainty relation. The SQL can be overcome using the quantum correlation between shot noise and radiation-pressure noise. One of the methods to overcome SQL, signal recycling, is considered so far only in a recombined-type interferometer such as Advanced-LIGO, LCGT, and GEO600. In this paper, we investigated quantum noise and signal recycling in a differential-type interferometer. We also applied it to a real detector and compared the sensivity with a recombined type.
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- Author(s): Atsushi Nishizawa; Seiji Kawamura; Masa-aki Sakagami
- Document date: 2007-10-17
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