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Diffractive beam splitter characterization via a power-recycled interferometer

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We used the high-precision laser interferometer technique of power recycling to characterize the optical loss of an all-reflective grating beam splitter. This beam splitter was used to set up a Michelson interferometer with a power-recycling resonator with a finesse of 883. Analyzing the results obtained, we determined the beam splitter's total optical loss to be (0.193+/-0.019)%. Low loss all-reflective beam splitters might find application in future high-power laser interferometers for the detection of gravitational waves.
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- Author(s): D. Friedrich; O. Burmeister; A. Bunkowski; Tina Clausnitzer; S. Fahr; Ernst-bernhard Kley; A Tunnermann; K. Danzmann; Roman Schnabel
- Document date: 2007-09-10
- Document received date: 2007-09-10
- Document entry date: 2007-09-10

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