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DOIs for Open data products from the GW Open Science Center

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M - Management or Policy
Open data products from the GW Open Science Center (LOSC/GWOSC) are assigned unique DOIs, as listed in the Notes and Changes section below.
These data products will be backed up using the existing LIGO Laboratory tape backup system at Caltech. In addition, backups will be made of the public webserver (currently with all of its documents and functionality onto the same tape backup system to assure timely restoration of data and web services, if and when needed, to assure the obligations associated with Caltech Library stewardship of the associated DOIs.
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  1. LIGO S5 Data Release, doi:10.7935/K5WD3XHR
  2. LIGO S6 Data Release, doi:10.7935/K5RN35SD
  3. Data release for event GW150914, doi:10.7935/K5MW2F23
  4. Data release for candidate event LVT151012, doi:10.7935/K5CC0XMZ
  5. Data release for event GW151226, doi:10.7935/K5H41PBP
  6. Data release for event GW170104, doi:10.7935/K53X84K2
  7. Data release for event GW170608, doi:10.7935/K51R6NJQ
  8. Data release for event GW170814, doi:10.7935/K5MP519B
  9. Data release for event GW170817, doi:10.7935/K5B8566F
  10. LIGO O1 Data Release, doi:10.7935/K57P8W9D

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