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Comparison of Hveto and UPV

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The LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) is analyzing the data for direct observations of gravitational waves (GWs) of cosmic origin. Since the LIGO detectors are very sensitive, LIGO uses two “veto algorithms” to maintain the quality of data and minimize the effect of background noise by removing or “vetoing” contaminated data. These two algorithms are Hierarchical Veto (Hveto) and Used Percentage Veto (UPV). Both algorithms veto triggers in the gravitational wave strain channel by comparing strain channel triggers with triggers in auxiliary channels that monitor environmental disturbances. Triggers are noise transients that are deemed significant. Even though both UPV and Hveto veto triggers, the differences in functionality and in input parameters between the two algorithms make their performances different. To explore their differences and their respective advantages, we compared the characteristics of the performances of these two algorithms and hoped to provide suggestions for improving their use in the future gravitational wave data analysis.
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