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GW170817 Antenna Pattern Movie

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This movie clip explains why Virgo did not detect GW170817, and why the non-detection aided the sky localization. I show the antenna patterns for Hanford, Livingston, and Virgo, and the triangulation from time delay on arrival at Hanford and Livingston. Then I show the variation of the amplitude on arrival as the position of the source is slid along the Hanford-Livingston triangulation ring. The bar chart in the inset shows the amplitudes on arrival and their 90% confidence intervals as measured by the matched filter. Only near the true location of the source are the amplitudes consistent with the measured SNR in Hanford and Livingston and consistent with the non-detection in Virgo.

Please credit as "LIGO/Virgo/NASA/Leo Singer".

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Add HL localization freeze frame.

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