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Gravitational-wave parameter estimation for binary neutron-star coalescences during the advanced-detector era

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Advanced LIGO will begin operation in 2015, with binary neutron-star (BNS) mergers expected to be one of the main sources of gravitational-wave (GW) signals. We investigate the ability to do parameter estimation (PE) for these signals using the early Advanced LIGO two-detector network. We focus on locating sources on the sky, which is important for electromagnetic (EM) follow-up. We find that the median 90% (50%) credible region is ∼600 deg2 (∼150 deg2), with 3% (30%) of detected events localized within 100 deg2, which will make electromagnetic follow-up challenging. This work provides an update to the 2015 Observing Scenario, which was based on sky-localization estimates, rather than an end-to-end analysis.
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