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Gravitational Waves: Celestial Soundtrack

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A number of fascinating phenomena in the Universe produce transient events
studied by traditional astronomy in a wide spectrum of messengers: multi-wavelength electromagnetic radiation, neutrinos and cosmic rays. Astronomical instruments become more sensitive and develop more capabilities to capture a detail time evolution of sources (often referred to as Celestial Cinematography) uncovering a complex structure of the transient Universe. Such transient sources as gamma ray bursts, supernovae and other violent events may also produce gravitational waves (GW) predicted by General Relativity. Coming from the strong field core of the astrophysical events, gravitational waves (the Celestial Soundtrack) will dramatically expand our means to study the transient Universe. This is particularly true if gravitational wave events are unambiguously associated with the other messengers. In my presentation I'll talk about astrophysical sources, the experimental and data analysis challenges of the first GW detections anticipated with the advanced LIGO and Virgo detectors, and discuss scientific benefits of the future multi-messenger observations.
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