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Features in the Quad State Space Model

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12 Dec 2016, 15:00
A brief summary of the features of the quad state space model available in the generate function:

Notes on how to edit these features yourself are also included.

The features include:

1. Relative SUS/cage sensors and actuators
2. Suspension point reaction forces to connect to the ISI
3. Two-chain models
4. Violin modes: all stages
5. damping: top mass and oplev

New struct-based input mode that makes the code easier to expand and utilize. Detailed instructions can be found in QUAD_Model_input_options_template.m

Also behind the scenes, Simulink files define the layout of the connections between the various pieces of the model and the signal flow. These replace the append/connect lines in generate_QUAD_Model_Production.m.

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Notes and Changes:
-v8: Added information in the new input mode to the model. likewise for Feedforward feature as well as information on how to modify the new simulink implementation.

-v7: Added more notes on the violin mode and damping features.

-v6: Added oplev damping and violin modes at all 4 stages.

-v5: A complete rewrite, to reflect a big update in svn rev 7920.

-v4: Added a thermal noise estimate from the silica fibers

-v3: Modified the inputs and outputs for the dual-chain model. Also made all new features compatible with damping loops.

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