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MCMC parameter estimation of CBC inspirals with TaylorF2Amp

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We perform MCMC parameter estimation (PE) for compact binary coalescence (CBC) inspirals with TaylorF2Amp, which is a frequency-domain waveform including up to 2.5 pN (post-Newtonian) amplitude corrections and 3.5pN phase corrections. MCMC PE for BH-NS, and BH-BH injections are completed, and here, we present results for non-spinning BH-NS inspirals. We compare 1D posteriors and 2D correlations of a few selected parameters such as orbital phase and polarization angles, varying the pN order of amplitude corrections of templates to be 0pN (Newtonian), 1.5pN, and 2.5pN. Results obtained from 1.5pN and 2.5pN templates are similar, while MCMC computation time with 2.5pN amplitude corrections takes longer than those with 1.5pN corrections by a factor of 1.2-1.7.
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