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Seismic attenuation for Gravitational Wave observatories the working principles. Anomalous low frequency dissipation in metals collective dislocation activity

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lecture given at the EGO ISAP school for graduate students October 2nd 2010.
The first section gives the classical principles of seismic and mechanical vibration attenuation and its classical limitations, showing how the different limitations came be mitigated as long as the materials respond linearly, and which are the fundamental limitations.
The second section illustrates how seismic attenuation fails if the materials stop acting linearly. The effect of hysteresis, fluctuation of Youngs Modulus, run-offs, and other nonlinear effects are discussed. The conjecture that these non linearities are generated by collective effects of dislocations is used to explain the observed behaviors.
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more discussion on non linear behavior can be found in P1000105
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