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Performance of the ANU Travelling-wave Squeezing Cavity for the LIGO H1 Squeezing Injection Experiment

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The injection of squeezed states will improve the shot-noise limited sensitivity of operational gravitational-wave interferometers. This will potentially allow a detector to operate at design sensitivity with lower laser power or improve the performance of a detector operating at full power. The Centre for Gravitational Physics at the ANU has been chosen to design and fabricate the optical parametric oscillator (OPO), the crucial component of a squeezed light source (‘the squeezer’) for use in a test experiment on the 4 km LIGO H1 interferometer, scheduled to be undertaken between the S6 Science Run and the commissioning of Advanced LIGO. The level of improvement in detection sensitivity and the interaction between the interferometer and squeezer of a full-scale gravitational-wave interferometer will be investigated.

Our OPO is resonant at both 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths enabled by the use of a wedged non-linear medium (PPKTP), in a travelling-wave bow-tie configuration. We present results showing the performance of the planned LIGO H1 Squeezing OPO, including the latest low frequency (100Hz – 10kHz) squeezing data.

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