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Review Report Final ISC Design for the A+ Filter Cavity

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E - Engineering documents
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M2000030 : Committee Charge for the A+ ISC Final Design Review (FDR)

Review report of:
E2000155 : OPO M1 and M2 cavity mirrors for lower threshold and improved transmission
E1900301 : A+ ISC components and procurement list (for Frequency Dependent Squeezing)
D1900281 : FDS-SQZ optics table layouts
T1900649 : Frequency Dependent Squeezing Final Optical Layout
E1900201 : aLIGO, FDS-SQZ, Electronics Block Diagram
E2000069 : Coated Substrate, aLIGO+ Filter Cavity Input Mirror FC1
E2000070 : Coated Substrate, aLIGO+ Filter Cavity End Mirror FC2

For reference:
T1800447: Design Requirement Document of the A+ filter cavity and relay optics for frequency dependent squeezing

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