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ECR - Change Locating Dimensions of Pcal Transmitter and Oplev/Pcal Receiver Installations in all End VEAs

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DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED CHANGES: Relative to current documentation (uncontrolled drawings G1000701-v1, G1000702-v1, G1000719-v2, G1000739-v2) for positions and orientations of pending Oplev/Pcal installations in the End VEAs, the following changes are necessary and concur with RODAs M1200020 and M1200350 which regard these installations. The paraphrased documents above were last revised between 7/2010 and 10/2010. Under DCN E1200996, controlled new documents will be created specifying the installations of all End Station Oplev & Pcal equipment.

-Pcal Transmitter Installations: Pylons must be rotated 30 degrees so that the nearest pylon face to the view port is parallel to the view port flange face. Modules (Breadboard, Optical components, etc.) must be rotated 90 degrees. Positional dimensions are affected by system design changes and as stated above will concur with RODA M1200350.

-Oplev/Pcal Receiver Installations: Placement distance of the pylon laterally from the IFO arm is affected by system design changes and as stated above will concur with RODA M1200020.

NOTE- It may be necessary to revise the Oplev Receiver Enclosures (D1100342) as their apertures are taken off center with their respective view port flanges by the positional shift of the Oplev/Pcal Receiver Installations.

ALSO NOTE- Confirmation should be sought from the Oplev group that no adverse effects result to Optical Lever Receivers beyond that noted above.

REASON FOR CHANGES: In order to insure proper installation of all Pcal systems, the noted documents must reflect Pcal system design changes which have developed since their latest revisions (of time-frame 7/2010 to 10/2010). Namely, Pcal launching and receiving beam path directions have changed, requiring revised positioning of the Transmitter and Receiver Installations.

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