LIGO Document E1200326-v2

First Contact cleaning of water spots or water soluble contamination

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E - Engineering documents
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The normal application of First Contact is not effective for salts or water spots. This procedure details a hybrid cleaning method for removing water spots.

For normal First Contact application please see E1000079 and E1300017.

E1000079 First Contact Brush and Pour Application and Removal Procedure
E1300017 First Contact Spray Application Procedure
E1000128 First Contact FTIR, 2010
T0900438 LIGO vacuum qualification of First Contact
T1000137 Drag Wiping and First Contact Tests
T1000425 First Contact Hazard Analysis
T060161 FTIR and Residue tests, 2006
T070280 Photonic Cleaning Technologies Technical Information
T0900351 FC Peeling and Charging Tests

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Replaced the word "agitate" with "scrub"
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