LIGO Document E0900345-v1

DCN - Release of LASTI TCS Ring Heater Installation Retrofit

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E - Engineering documents
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Designs for the retrofit of the LASTI Test Mass Ring Heater installation.
Notes and Changes:
The included parts, D0902448-v1 & D0902449-v1, are designed to fit the Ring Heater installation currently existing in the sealed LASTI vacuum chamber, as retrofit replacement parts within that installation. They are also designed to
fit the TM Suspension structure to which that installation is currently mounted. The included Installation Retrofit drawing, D0902447-v1, should be used as a reference for said retrofit operations.

An `AdLIGO` Ring Heater version is in a tentative design state under the assy name and number "D0901269_ADV_LIGO_TCS_RING_HEATER_AND_SHIELD_ASSEM". That version will be completed for future release based on eventual FF&F tests of the LASTI retrofit resulting from this Change Notice.

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