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Interlocks/Lighting Feedthrough Panel (Left Side)

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A patch panel with cutouts for two M8 4-pin bulkhead connectors to daisy chain the lighting power. The male receptacle is used for power input, the female one for connecting the next device in the chain. Four female M12 bulkhead connectors are available for the interlock and safety system. There is a lightning switch with a LED. The pin-out follows the EP1908 EtherCAT box. Pins 2 (white) and 4 (black) are used for +24VDC and GND, respectively, and to power the lights. All four pins of the two M8 connectors are connected through. On the M12 connectors pins 1 (brown) and 2 (white) are used for the first contact, whereas pins 3 (blue) and 4 (black) are used for the second one. The part numbers are Digi-Key 1x WM6366-ND (M8 female), 1x WM6167-ND (M8 male), 4x WM6363-ND (M12 male), 1x CH770-ND (rocker switch) and 1x 350-2248-ND (LED). The enclosure is Digi-Key HM600-ND with 4x M4x16 (McMaster-Carr 91420A226). Add 2 0.5" holes to the enclosure bottom and cover with a grommet strip (Digi-Key RP816-ND).

Use this panel up first on the left side of the table. For the right side of the table use panel D1201540.

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