LIGO Document D1100485-v1

aLIGO TCS .25'' Thick ZnSe Window, 60min Wedge

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D - Drawings
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ZnSe, Window
Dia: 3" (+0/-0.005")
CT: 0.25" (+/-0.01")
Bevel: 0.025" (+/- 0.005")
Wedge: 60 min (+/- 5 min)
Surf Fig: (lambda/10) P-V at 10.6um
Surf Qual: 40/20 Scratch/Dig
Coating: AR/AR @ 10.6um
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aLIGO TCS Viewports Laser
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-v1 is the design being competitively bid for production

Note that certs attached here reflect purchase PO S115682.

There was a subsequent purchase in August 2017 of these optics associated with TCS AWC Viewport D1700340, and these certs will eventually be posted here with an indicator. This was PO S342081

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