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GS-13, Flexure, Bottom

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28 Dec 2009, 07:34
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LIGO modified bottom flexure for GS-13
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Changed .1" radius to .09" per HPD request

radius for the GS-13 flexure
Brian Lantz
Tue, 22 Sep 2009 16:22:54 -0700
Bill Hollander
Ken Mason , Alan Wilkins , Rudy Arvizu , Jacqueline Champagnie , Dan Clark , Sam Barnum

As we discussed this morning, changing that 0.100" radius on the moving mass end of the GS-13 flexure to a smaller radius is fine. The tangents for the 1/4 circle should stay in the same place. I think that you suggested a 1/16" radius cutter (0.0625") - which seems like a good choice.

When you pick a cutter, let us know so that we (Sam?) can update our drawings.

Notes for my recollection:
1) I would like to leave some radius there, to make the two ends more obviously different.
2) Making the radius smaller, while leaving the tangents in the same place, removes more metal. This is good because the attach point of the top flexure to the GS-13 moving mass has a non-square shape, and we mustn't have an interference.
3) The 0.100" radius is not a standard cutter, and it seems wasteful to grind custom cutting tools to match a non-critical dimension.


Brian Lantz

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