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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T2000124-v7 Technical note on the measurement of inspiral higher order modes on GW190814 by coherentWaveBurst Giovanni Andrea Prodi et al. Compact Binaries
24 Jun 2020
P170104-v12 GW170104: Observation of a 50-Solar-Mass Binary Black Hole Coalescence at Redshift 0.2 LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
01 Jun 2017
G1400800-v1 Offline GstLAL analysis for IMBHB MDC Leslie Wade et al. Compact Binaries
29 Jul 2014
P1100118-v24 All-sky search for gravitational-wave bursts in the second joint LIGO-Virgo run LVC GW Bursts
09 May 2012
G0900548-v5 Reconstruction of Gravitational Wave Bursts with LIGO-Virgo network Chris Pankow et al. GW Bursts
08 Jul 2009
G0900529-v7 All-Sky Burst Searches for Gravitational Waves at High Frequencies Francesco Salemi et al. GW Bursts
30 Jun 2009
G050671-x0 Status of the LIGO-Auriga Joint Burst Analysis - Amaldi Conference Francesco Salemi Document Migration
26 Feb 2007
G040552-x0 The AURIGA-LIGO Joint Burst Search Lucio Baggio et al. Document Migration
23 Feb 2007
G050669-x0 Updates on the Auriga-LIGO Joint Burst Search - GWDAW 10 Francesco Salemi Document Migration
21 Feb 2007
T040202-x0 Proposal for the first AURIGA-LIGO joint analysis Lucio Baggio et al. Document Migration
21 Feb 2007

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