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Nutsinee Kijbunchoo of LIGO - Hanford Observatory is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D1201210-v16 aLIGO SQZ: SQZT0 optical layout Lisa Barsotti et al. Squeezer
Final Design
19 Mar 2024
E2300461-v1 Squeezer Fiber Beat Note Box Test Procedure Nutsinee Kijbunchoo et al. Squeezer
18 Dec 2023
P2200287-v1 [Thesis] Catching the Waves in the Sea of Noise: Squeezed Light in Advanced LIGO and Beyond Nutsinee Kijbunchoo et al. Thesis/Dissertation
02 Nov 2023
G2301495-v1 Evolution of Physicists Nutsinee Kijbunchoo Education, Outreach
13 Aug 2023
T1900048-v1 LHO Squeezer Control Scheme Summary Terry McRae et al. Squeezer
13 Sep 2022
T1900289-v3 LIGO Hanford SQZ Subsystem Report Nutsinee Kijbunchoo et al. Squeezer
23 Jul 2020
G1801865-v1 How to Navigate a Poster Session Nutsinee Kijbunchoo et al. Education, Outreach
13 May 2019
G1401058-v1 ALS Challenge: Study of the Green Laser Transmitted Power Decay Nutsinee Kijbunchoo et al. Detector Characterization
28 Nov 2014

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