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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G030640-x0 Acoustic Mitigation Status for S3 - LSC Meeting, November 10th - 13th, Hanford WA Douglas Cook et al. Document Migration
14 Nov 2003
G030254-x0 Mode Cleaner Wavefront Servo: Feeding Back to Mode Cleaner Mirrors Valery Frolov et al. Document Migration
18 Sep 2003
G030496-x0 Acoustic Mitigation Progress - LSC Meeting, August 18th - 21st, Hannover, Germany Douglas Cook et al. Document Migration
10 Sep 2003
G030329-x0 Accoustic Mitigation Team Progress Report Douglas Cook et al. Document Migration
09 Jul 2003
T910025-x0 Proposal to Measure the Off-Resonance Thermal Noise in a Mechanical System J Kovalik Document Migration
11 Oct 2002
T020155-x0 On-Going Thermal Noise Research Gianpietro Cagnoli et al. Document Migration
08 Oct 2002
T970260-x0 Q Factor Measurements on Prototype Fused Quartz Pendulum Suspensions for Use in Gravitational Wave Detectors James Hough et al. Document Migration
02 Oct 2002
T020077-x0 Report of the Seismic Retrofit Review Panel Rana Adhikari et al. Document Migration
09 Jul 2002
G010382-x0 A Very Highly Frequency and Amplitude Stabilized Laser for Precision Interferometry Rich Abbott et al. Document Migration
15 Oct 2001
G010339-x0 Web Based PEM Database Development - LSC Meeting August 13 - 16, Hanford WA Edward Daw et al. Document Migration
21 Aug 2001
G010070-x0 Status of LLO PSL - LSC Meeting March 14 -17 2001 Livingston, LA J Kovalik Document Migration
19 Mar 2001
T010025-x0 Determine Upper Limits on Event Rates for Inspiralling Compact Binaries with LIGO Engineering Data Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
07 Mar 2001
G000338-x0 Status of Commissioning at LLO - PAC9 Meeting Presentation, 12 December 2000 J Kovalik Document Migration
23 Jan 2001
G000258-x0 PEM Audit at LIGO Livingston - Bob Brown et al. Document Migration
15 Sep 2000
G990131-x0 Presentations at the Glasgow LSC Meeting on Suspension/Isolation Interfaces, 16-17 December 1999 Alessandro Bertolini et al. Document Migration
04 Jan 2000
T900008-x0 A Double Pendulum Vibration Isolation System for a Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Antenna J Kovalik et al. Document Migration
06 Jun 1997
T880028-x0 A Reflective Quadcell Position Sensor J Kovalik et al. Document Migration
05 Jul 1988

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