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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G960130-x0 An Interferometric Displacement Sensor for Test Mass Location Hans Bachor et al. Document Migration
13 Mar 2014
P070069-x0 Coating-free mirrors for high precision interferometric experiments Conor Mow-Lowry et al. Document Migration
Public relations
28 Oct 2009
G040416-x0 Sub kHz Squeezing for Gravitational Wave Detection - LSC Meeting, August 16th-19th, 2004, Hanford WA Warwick Bowen et al. Document Migration
20 Aug 2004
G030087-x0 SQL Related Experiments at the ANU - LSC Meeting, March 17th - 20th, Livingston, LA B Buchler et al. Document Migration
17 Mar 2003
T940087-x0 External Phase Modulation Interferometry Hans Bachor et al. Document Migration
16 Oct 2002
T920019-x0 Harmonic Demodulation of Non-Stationary Shot Noise Hans Bachor et al. Document Migration
14 Oct 2002
G000227-x0 Tunable Power Recycled RSE Michelson for LIGO II - LSC Meeting at Hanford, August 15-17, 2000 Mal Gray et al. Document Migration
15 Sep 2000
G000053-x0 A Power Recycled, Fabry-Perot Arm Cavity Michelson Interferometer with Resonant Sideband Extraction Mal Gray et al. Document Migration
16 May 2000

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