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Frequency Stabilization of 2 Micron Lasers Using Optical Delay Self-Heterodyne Interferometry

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The proposed post-O5 LIGO Voyager upgrade as well as some proposed third-generation gravitational wave observatories center on a cryogenic silicon optics system for reduced thermal noise. This requires a shift of the laser wavelength further to the infrared using the comparatively noisy 2-micron technology to compensate for the high absorption of the current 1064nm laser in crystalline silicon. To meet the tight frequency noise requirements for desired sensitivities of these interferometers, we demonstrate a feed-forward frequency noise
reduction system at 2050nm in fiber. Additionally, we characterize the sources of noise limiting the degree of noise reduction and the sensitivity of the interferometric measurement of the reduced frequency noise, allowing for the targeting of future improvements to the system.
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